Preparing to Publish

Feb 20, 2021

The Libmon Library (currently only for node.js packages) handles library validation and usage limits.

Unfortunately, the library does not work without make a call to the internet.


The Libmon package exposes a few methods to set usage limits and generate artificial crashes.

npm install libmon --save

Libmon methods will only work if a user’s token is invalid to meet demo methods.


Setup counters and artificially disable programs if a token is not valid. If a token is valid, Libmon methods will not crash a program.

const { Libmon } = require("libmon")

class MyCalculatorLibrary(){

        // check if the token is valid. Makes internet call
        Libmon.validate("TOKEN HERE");

        // create counter with a max of 10 calls
        Libmon.setupCounter("number-of-prime-calls", 10)

    function myPaidMethod() {
        // artificially crash the program if token is invalid
        return "hello world"

    function getPrimeNumber() {
        // increment the counter
        // throw an error if called > 10 times
        return 3



Our intention is to make programs a little more inconvenient without a valid token rather than create strict payment models.

The consumer of a library and purchaser of a token always has benefit of the doubt.

  • If there is no internet, validation will always pass.
  • If the libmon server is down, validation will always pass


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